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In today’s modern world the most secure and efficient way to receive technical computer support is through the Internet using remote support. We know that can be hard to believe with the media dramatising hacking and credit card fraud. But it’s true. If you still don’t believe us. Then how about listening to a few reasons why remote support is the best option for your computer support needs.

The three main ways to receive computer support these days include:

  1. Mobile computer technicians
  2. Dropping your computer off to a repair shop
  3. Remote Support through the Internet.


Receiving computer support from mobile technicians is great. Having a technician come to your premises is a convent service. However, this also has its downsides. The travel time it takes for a technician to arrive can be frustrating, and that’s assuming you’re not charged travel costs on top of the technician’s hourly rate. Letting an on-site technician in your computer and network can be a little daunting if you have to walk away and leave them. Also, there isn’t an easy way to ask the technician to leave or restrict the technician’s actions. You may be unsure of what they’re doing and you don’t particularly feel like peering over their shoulder for the whole visit.

Your security risks increase by delivering your computer to a repair store. There is a huge lack of communication inherent in this form of repair and you have absolutely no control of what happens to your computer and your personal information post delivery. Your computer and personal information are literally in the hands of the technician that you just met 10 minutes ago.


Remote Tech. Support

Conversely, all Hills District Business IT remote support session are highly secure and encrypted with the latest encryption technology. Our technicians are trained to be highly skilled with computer support and are highly accountable in our controlled and monitored environment. All sessions are recorded and audited by highly skilled supervisors to enforce our high-quality control standards. With our remote support, systems you are 100% in control. Restrictions can be placed on our technicians and you can cancel the remote session at any time. Also, there’s no need to wait for the technician to arrive at your premises and there are no travel cost incurred. Services are delivered directly to your home through your Internet connection on demand.

We stand behind our high-quality service, and as soon as you have received our remote support, we are sure you will agree.

We offer remote IT support using secure and powerful support software, emails and phone calls. Our remote support services can help empower your organisation’s IT teams. Our scalable solutions ensure that no matter how big or extensive your IT support needs may be, we can deliver IT support quickly and reliably.

We can provide remote IT support for
  • Microsoft Outlook – Setup, troubleshooting, configuration
  • Virus Removal – troubleshooting, procedural removal, we can recommend wide solutions
  • Cloud Application – need to backup data to Cloud, or Use a Cloud application – Setup and configuration

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