If you own an ASUS router, the firmware comes bundled with a free copy of AiProtection with Trend Micro. This means you have a pretty effective, and super simple way to block pornography and other inappropriate content on your kid’s smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This method is handy because it doesn’t require you to install any software on their device. You can do it all from your WiFi router.

How to Block Adult Content Using AiProtection on your ASUS Router

1 – Log in to your router by visiting http://router.asus.com.

2 – Click AiProtection then Parental Controls.

3 – In the Web & Apps Filters tab, toggle Web & Apps Filters to ON.

4 – Scroll down to the client list. In the drop-down on the left, choose a device you want to filter. If you know the MAC address, you can enter it in manually. You can also click Show Offline Client List to choose a device that’s not connected at the moment.

5 – Choose a content category to filter, then click the plus sign (+) under Add / Delete.

6 – You can click the plus sign to get a little more granular about what you’re filtering.

7 – For example, the Adult category is fairly broad. Per ASUS’s fabulously translated description, it will “Block adult content can prevent child from visiting, sexy, violence and illegal related content.” Expand it out and you can pick and choose from PornographyIllegal and Violence, and Gambling, in case it wasn’t clear what “sexy related content” was. (I mean, some people find high spec PCs and impeccable interior design sexy.

8 – Once you’re satisfied with your category, click Apply. Your router will update its settings.

9 – Now, when you try to visit a page in this category, you’ll get a block page:

And that’s all there is to it. In a few minutes, you’ve blocked a large swath of inappropriate content on your kid’s PC, phone or tablet without blocking yourself.


As with all parental controls, there are limitations to the above two methods for blocking pornography and other adult content. If you are using a VPN or proxy, the filters won’t work. Furthermore, the URL filtering won’t work on HTTPS websites or websites which use HTTP compression.

If your kids aren’t particularly tech savvy, you’ll be okay with the free parental controls that ASUS offers you. But whose kids aren’t already more tech savvy than them at this point? That being said, ASUS parental controls are a good stopgap while you implement a more advanced solution, or a simple backup to your stringently heeded household rules. Right?